Our Services

Engine Diagnostics

Today, most cars are controlled by computers. the fuel injectiors, the sparks plugs, the steering systems etc all are told hen to fire and when to move by an onboard computer.

Log Book Services

M&K All Mechanic help you to keeping up with scheduled maintenance adds life to your investment it also protects your new car warranty.Call us today to get more information about log book services.

Automatic Transmissions

Transmission repair is a major, time consuming, and most often,expensive automotive repairs. that is why it’s so important to keep your transmission well maintained.

New Car Batteries

M&K All Mechanic have a huge range of batteries in stock. having wealthy battery is essential for starting engine ! Ask one of the item for advice as to which types would best suit your needs.

Fleet Work

We have the capacity and expertise to be able to take on fleet maintenance work. call us now to find out more.

Car Air Conditioning

85% of all new vehicles now can come with air conditioning as standard we carry out all services and repairs.

Engine Management

M&K All mechanic use the very latest engine tuning equipment to diagnose and fix vehicle problems.

Safety Car Checks

We are an autorised vehical inspection station. we provide RTA pink slip inspection for all vehicals.

Clutch Replacement

Your clutch enables you to connect and control the power of the energy to your gearbox – and then to create motion. its essential that its working correctly.

Alternators & Starter Motors

Cars alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. It is essential parts of your vehicle.Without it battery  will not charge.

Timing Belt & Hoses

If timing belt breaks, car engine will stop working, It is important to consider timing belt and hoses.if they are not in good condition could major engine damages.

Radiators & Cooling System

The job of your vehicles radiator is to keep coolant flowing throughout your engine. If there’s a block or leak your engine can quickly overheat.